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Women's health programmes

Various programmes available

I offer face to face or virtual programmes to optimise breathing for the women's health. Hormones affect the way women breathe. How women breathe affects their health and well-being.

The aim is for women to understand their body as well as the science behind their  brain, body and breath connection. 

Next virtual group programme starts 16th April 2023

Functional breathing package

£500 pre-paid for five 1-hour sessions

Five 1-hour virtual or face to face sessions to help optimise breathing efficiency.

The principles of functional breathing ensure the amount of air an individual breathes matches what their body requires. Important aspects include having an open, strong airway, nasal breathing, using the correct breathing muscles and reducing the speed of breathing to encourage synchrony between the heart and lungs.

Group sessions

Please contact me to discuss your requirements/ pricing

I am able to deliver group sessions. Content and delivery of the sessions are fully flexible and can cover mindfulness, life coaching, breathing re-education and the neuroscience behind these methods.

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