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Virtual group programme

£150 for group virtual breathing re-education programme

For those individuals who would prefer to work in a group setting a virtual programme is available. The four month programme includes pre-recorded webinars, live group mentoring sessions, breathing exercise audios and ability to ask questions throughout the programme. The aim is for the participants to understand their body as well as the science behind their mind, body, breath connection. 

Individual programme

£500 pre-paid for five 1-hour individual sessions

Five 1-hour virtual or face to face sessions to help optimise breathing efficiency.

The principles of functional breathing are to ensure the amount of air an individual breathes matches what their body requires. Important aspects include having an open, strong airway, nasal breathing, using the correct breathing muscles and reducing the speed of breathing to encourage synchrony between the heart and lungs.

The individual programme includes everything in the group programme with the benefit of personalising and pacing the programme according to the needs of the individual. 

Introduction to functional breathing

£30 for introduction to improving breathing efficiency video

This 83-minute video is an interactive introduction to improving breathing efficiency. If you are struggling with using the nose to breathe, nasal congestion, air hunger, anxiety or noisy breathing whilst asleep Dr Louise Oliver covers the basics on how to improve breathing efficiency to reduce these symptoms. The video contains four different breathing exercises. This is for those who not ready to commit to the group or individual programmes and would like to start with a taster of how to improve breathing efficiency. Dr Louise Oliver is ready to guide you on a breathing journey. Click on the video to purchase.

How we breathe matters - introduction to functional breathing

How we breathe matters - introduction to functional breathing

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