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About Me

Dr Louise Oliver
GP, Functional Breathing Practitioner & Therapeutic Life Coach

I qualified as a doctor in 1998 and have worked as a GP in the NHS since 2003. Throughout that time I have had an interest in Women's Health including providing coil and contraceptive implant procedures. I am married with two children and enjoy living in the beautiful countryside of Holmfirth. With over 20 years' experience of working in the NHS I have developed skills to help people throughout their lives. My own mindfulness journey started when I was exploring ways of improving psychological distress and chronic pain in my patients without medication. I discovered the increasing body of neuroscience evidence behind mindfulness and breathing techniques. My daily yoga, meditation and breathing practice has significantly improved my focus, concentration, energy levels, quality of sleep, ability to exercise, appreciation for life and stress resilience. Working as a Functional Breathing Practitioner & Therapeutic Life Coach provides me with the time and space to really make a significant impact on the physical and emotional well-being of my clients as well as maximising their potential.

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