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Virtual group breathing re-education programme

If you want your body and mind to work efficiently and effectively you need your underlying 24 hour breathing pattern to be efficient and effective.

Symptoms that can be related to breathing inefficiently are: if you are struggling to maintain nasal breathing whilst awake, asleep and moving, have noisy breathing whilst sleeping, excessive breathlessness during movement and/ or feeling anxious.

The programme is open to any adult and includes five live webinars (recorded for those that cannot attend live) with access to the Healthie app allowing us to communicate securely, audios of breathing exercises, monitor your goals and progress.

The course will cover the three dimensions of functional (efficient) breathing: biochemical, biomechanical and psychophysiological. Each session I link breathing to the system that controls all our automatic processes that occur without conscious control (the autonomic nervous system) to reinforce the theory behind the practical aspects of the training. My aim is for the individual to understand their mind, body, breath connection, improve their underlying efficiency of breathing and develop the ability to self-regulate switching to and from their fight, flight (sympathetic) response and relaxation (parasympathetic) response.

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Virtual group breathing re-education programme


7pm - 8.15pm Thursday 11th January 2024

7pm - 8pm Thursday 18th January 2024

7pm - 8pm Thursday 25th January 2024

7pm - 8pm Thursday 1st February 2024

7pm - 8pm Thursday 8th February 2024

(all times are London, UK time)

Image by Werner Sevenster
'I’ve noticed the work improve my breathing when asleep, including apnoea type symptoms. It seems my apnoea symptoms have improved. The programme has been a real eye opener. Thank you'

This could be one of the best investments you will ever make for
your health and well-being.

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