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Client testimonials after working with Louise individually or within a group. 

Further testimonials are at the bottom of the menopause and webinar pages.

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Three months after completing the programme:

'For the most part I am palpitation free which is enormous! Thanks for doing what you do. It's so important, it's literally life changing.

Also to see my daughter off all asthma medication is beyond words!'

Six months after completing the programme:

'I enrolled on Louise's functional breathing course. I thought I knew how to breathe! I learnt the importance of nasal breathing and became aware of when I was mouth breathing. Learning to close my mouth has reawakened my sense of smell and enhanced the pleasure of walking. I learnt that I can control my nervous system with breathing to calm myself down. I use the techniques often and I sleep better as a result.'

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Six months after completing the programme:

'I had to give latest blood pressure readings to GP's surgery recently and mine (although always in normal range) has gone down. So my work the last 6 months has definitely had an impact. Still can't quite believe the benefits to be gained from efficient nasal breathing.'

Julia Witherspoon

End of five week virtual group programme:

'My relaxation before bed improved and there seems to be less sighing and gasping while talking. My lips seem to have more redness in them.

Well organised programme and excellent support system by you Louise, answering my questions very promptly with great feedback. Recorded sessions and slides were very informative. Thank you so much Louise for the work that you do and for educating me about efficient breathing.  You are such a dedicated teacher and excellent doctor.  You have opened the door for me to continue to improve my health.  Thank you so very much.'

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End of five week virtual group programme:

Country lane

'I have been suffering from infrequent but terrifying instances of sleep apnoea. I think that the course is brilliant. It really helps that Louise is a GP and she bases her lessons on scientific research. I liked the fact that Louise encouraged feedback between sessions so that she could address questions or issues anonymously in the session. 

I thought that the exercises were really helpful. It helped me to get to sleep and the recordings are really helpful for sticking to the exercise.

I think it was helpful that Louise had also experienced issues so spoke with real understanding and empathy.

It’s not eradicated the sleep apnoea but I think that’s probably because I have not stuck rigidly to the exercises and I’m not completely nose breathing yet. I’m positive that I will get there, though. I am so grateful to Louise for identifying this as an issue so that I no longer feel helpless. I know what to do and I have the tools to do it! Thank you so much Louise!

Two months after completing the programme:

‘I am 68 years old and now recognise I've been a life long mouth breather. I can now skip continuously for 8 minutes whilst nasal breathing. Two months ago I would have needed to stop frequently due to air hunger. I am still working on improving my breathing efficiency to improve my snoring, sleep and blood pressure however I appreciate this will take time' 


End of five week virtual group programme:

‘What I love is that I am no longer breathless. In my mind I had decided I was unfit even though I couldn’t understand how that had happened to me. I knew my breathing was in poor shape but I had still been looking at the issue from a fitness perspective rather than a breathing issue. My walking pace has increased to the point that I could even jog for a while with nasal breathing. And my walking uphill speed has also increased’

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