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Woman sleeping

Good sleep is the foundation for health and well-being

Significant research confirms the relationship between the quality of sleep and breathing. Sleep disordered breathing is increasingly prevalent, and symptoms of this condition include:

  • Fatigue first thing in the morning

  • Snoring or heavy breathing

  • Disrupted sleep or nightmares

  • Dry mouth in the morning

  • Pauses in breathing whilst sleeping (apnoea) or irregular breathing

  • Wheezing, coughing, breathlessness, nasal congestion on waking

  • Night-time asthma symptoms

  • Needing to pass urine overnight


'You kindly sent a podcast, information, and recommended a book. This information knocked my socks off! In a matter of days, you have changed my life for good. I have been a lifelong mouth breather. When I left your surgery, I was determined to change to nasal. I always go to the loo three times each night and I have a disturbed night as a result. Since changing to nasal I haven’t been to the loo at night and slept right through until morning. When I go walking I have to plan ahead for a loo en-route. Mouth shut – I don’t need a loo! I have panicked a few times but remembered your advice on carbon dioxide and chemoreceptors and battled on – brilliant! My sense of smell is returning after years of not being able to smell.

Thank you so very, very much'

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