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Wowzers! Breathing.

Something we all take for granted , but I knew so little of the profound effect it has on my health and wellbeing.

I know I’m breathing differently to how I did pre-menopause.

I'm so so grateful to @drlouiseolivertlc 

She brilliantly and clearly explained why it’s important and we will deffo chat again hopefully with tips.

Davina & Louise Instagram
The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show

Do you snore at nighttime? GP, functional breathing practitioner, and therapeutic life coach Dr Louise Oliver shares how we can ensure we’re breathing efficiently to keep us as healthy as possible during menopause and beyond.Liz and Louise discuss menopausal snoring, how changing our breathing in the day can help us at nighttime, and whether mouth taping works.The episode also covers managing and understanding air hunger, how our hormones may be impacting our breathing, and simple exercises we can use to self-soothe.

Dr Louise Oliver, a GP and functional breathing practitioner and therapeutic life coach, joins Dr Louise Newson as a guest on the podcast this week. Louise Oliver has had a special interest in women’s health and menopause for many years and now incorporates her skills as a functional breathing practitioner to raise awareness of how breathing is altered by hormones, how this can lead to symptoms of inefficient breathing and how to improve the connection between our brain, body and breath.

Dr Louise Newson Podcast
Oxygen Advantage and  Dr Louise Oliver podcast image

Patrick is joined by GP & Breathing Therapist, Dr Louise Oliver. For over 20 years Dr Oliver has been working with women on contraception & HRT. When working with one patient, she used breathing exercises to put her into an incredibly relaxed state but when she tried that with other patients, it made them feel much worse. This was when she realized how breathing can affect people differently and the missing link was carbon dioxide sensitivity. It was then that she realized there was a whole spectrum of breathing that needed to be considered. 

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